Current Behaviors


Fitness Entrepreneurs

Those Creating the Fitness

Fitness is a two-sided marketplace; there are providers and there are consumers. Businesses like Zumba and Beachbody have grown and thrived on supporting their own networks of fitness providers. 

3 Existing Platforms for Fitness Entrepreneurs:



Fitness Seekers

Those Looking to exercise

I focused solely on self-driven work out options in the current market. (i.e. apps to download, YouTube, and sampling memberships like ClassPass)

3 Existing Options for Fitness Seekers:





Takeaway 1:

Fitness has two distinct audiences: those creating and those consuming the fitness.

Driving Idea 1:

Is there a means to bring the two sides together? Could that be the product?


Takeaway 2:

The majority of fitness seekers are open and excited to trying new ways to exercise.

Driving Idea 2:

Barrier to entry must be friction-less.


Takeaway 3:

Recent trends have enabled self-driven and passionate fitness creators to strike out on their own.

Driving Idea 3:

Use incentives and simple UX to make the system intuitive and fitness-specific.