The Product Development

Round 1: Co.Spot



In the beginning, I was developing a digital product for gymnastics coaches to exchange ideas and inspiration with each other. Via sharing videos of skills and drills, the system would also allow for education growth and tracking of gymnasts' progress.  


User Goals

Secondary: Gymnasts

  • Will have access, if coach decides, to see evolution / individual progress on his/her own page
  • Benefit of seeing progress over time without having to be perfect
  • Can compare how he/she looks vs how it may feel when completing a skill or drill
  • Can use log of videos for college recruiting

Primary: Coaches

  • Develop + grow their athletes to the best of his/her own natural talents + abilities
  • Inspiration for training, conditioning, and equipment use
  • Foster a community to connect with other coaches
  • Track and maintain progress for individual gymnasts at local gym


This initial work presented me with the groundwork and genesis of a product that evolved into MXD.

My initial product wireframes and profiles: 


Round 2: Range of Movement



Once I refocused on the fitness world, the product was called Range of Movement. Below are the initial exercises I did to sort out who it was for, what it was, what information was important.

One large difference of the new evolution was the change from a primary/secondary user system to a dual-sided user ecosystem.


User Goals

Fitness Seekers


  • Exposure to different types of work outs
  • Inspiration through accessibility
  • Reminiscent of a gym, surprising ideas coming from seeing what others are doing
  • Fosters a community to connect with others in similar situations, with similar interests

Training for: 

  • Access to suggestions for specific events + goals
  • Shuffle information to play as needed for skill level, time schedule, and resources
  • Create own playlists for certain goals + can share with others


  • Broad access to variety of content
  • Themed challenges to keep work outs fresh and inspiring

Fitness Entrepreneurs


  • A place and structure to post ideas to a broad audience
  • An easy access point to start the entrepreneurial endeavors
  • A community to help with common starting issues and best practices
  • Prompted challenges and ideas for new classes or materials


  • Royalty income from subscribers and views
  • Technology that allows refreshing of existing content to maintain interest of followers + subscribers
  • Fostering a community
  • Potential commercial sponsorship
  • Simple + easy experience to post + maintain their digital "gym"


I worked through some exercises to determine the key moments of the product and user experience. 

Below are some highlights of my exercises:


Planning, Cont'd

To this day, I'm still not sure what to call it; but this exercise gave me perspective on the scale of what I was attempting to make.

Below is my mapping of the entire system:


Round 3: MXD


I had only focused on the Fitness Provider up to this point, dubbed The Creators. I needed to refocus on the Fitness Seekers, now called The Shakers. This led to the next generation of MXD, the app.


User Needs

The Shakers

  • Get moving as quickly as possible
  • Minimal decision making to lessen the barrier to entry
  • Workouts that mirror reasons Shakers are looking to move
  • Access to searching by more traditional information if desired

App Wireframe

I challenged myself to find the simplest flow possible; I focused on the goal: to get a Shaker moving as quickly as possible.

Below is the Shaker flow to get moving: