The Prompt



This particular prompt came from a class in my MFA Design program at SVA. We were paired up as a group of 4 and were prompted to create a wearable, paired with another platform, to enhance/enable relationships. 

We were also told that near-future technologies were fair game. This project was about 4 weeks long, but about a year and a half after creating the initial concept with my group, I decided to revisit it.


The Problem

+ Narrowing down our focus

As a group, we determined that we were going to make a product to fuse the analog and digital worlds of dating. We came up with the following issues of each:



  • Can't always rely on chance
  • Low percentage of actually meeting someone
  • Blind dates are awkward, hard conversation
  • Meeting in day-to-day life limits chances of seeing each other again


  • Digital stalking is real + can ruin first impressions
  • Takes a lot of time (i.e. building a profile, judging off of pictures + stereotypical questions)
  • Hard to get to know someone via screen, different personalities come out

Our Goals

  • Merge the best of both analog dating and digital dating


Interviews + Learnings

In order to narrow the topic down a bit, I reached out to a few people in the industry; both on the fitness providing side as well as the fitness seeking side. Some of my takeaways were: 

  • Fitness providers are extremely self-driven and motivated people
  • Providers thrive off creating a brand of and for themselves
  • Fitness seekers needs and motivations vary infinitely
  • There is power in the social aspect for the seekers, but not necessarily a need for it
  • Fitness is like fashion, there are trends and some people have the energy to follow them, others don’t and get side-tracked