The Product



After developing, pitching, questioning, and defending MXD, the final product landed as a dual-platform system which would allow people to try, share, and create new ways to exercise and move with each other. This is not an MVP, but a visualized execution of how this product could potentially grow.

Below Are the overviews + flows to the mXD app. Click to view larger:


Below are the wireframes + Overview to the final MXD Website concept:



Possible MVP


My plan...

In order for MXD to come to life, there are a few different first steps that could be taken to create the MVP and generate interest.

My first goal would be set up some test material via YouTube, create a skinned system to tag and embed YouTube videos. This first test would give validation to: 

  • the uploading method, syntax, and UX for useful and proper meta data to build playlists
  • generate initial content to start testing usability factor of the playlist structure 
  • start tracking use and interest towards certain clips and types of exercise